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Gift Card & Payment Solutions.

Norway -Sweden - Denmark


What we do

Msale Giftcard kiosks have been running in Norway since 2007, in Denmark since 2009 and in Sweden since 2013. Scandinavias first giftcard kiosk was delivered by Msale. As one of the few approved suppliers of giftcard kiosks in all three countries, Msale has gathered substantial knowledge regarding payment solutions, security and cutting edge technology in this field. We also love to share our experiences with or clients and offer steps one could take in order to ensure the maximum sales of giftcards. We take great satisfaction in ensuring our customers sell as many giftcards as possible.

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What we offer

Our standard standalone kiosk. Sells standard magstripe giftcards to your customers. They come standard with one 10-point touch screen, and one normal LCD screen where we normally play an image reel of advertisement for the gift card. This can be negotiated to become various other solutions for advertisement or information.

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